Welcome to REAL. Real Estate Attorneys at Law

REAL is a professional network among Attorneys and Law Firms involved in the field of Real Estate.

REAL is founded for the desire, the ambition and the need to create a professional network among all the legal professionals and Law Firms involved in the Real Estate in the whole world, especially in the United States and Italy.

Through our database, which grows every day, it will be possible to establish working partnerships and to create job opportunities around the world in order to achieve the purposes concerning the legal sector of the Real Estate Market.

In particular, the main goal of REAL is to create a network between all the Real Estate Lawyers and the Law Firms of the world and consequently to advertise each of these Lawyers and Law Firms through its activity. It also would become a point of reference for all people involved in this business from a legal point of view.

Furthermore, REAL is a free space available to every Law practitioner who wants to give a contribution to the exploration and development of the sector of the Real Estate. Every single contribution from a Law operator and with regard to the Real Estate will be published on our website if topic of discussion.

Although, before the awareness of the legal system differences between "Common Law" Countries and "Civil Law" Countries, REAL would become a point of reference for legal practitioners in the world which deal with the international Real Estate transactions relating to the "Residential" or "Commercial" Real Estate and it is also directed to anyone who wants to learn more particularly about the U.S. and Italian housing market in order to make an investment.